Prefect School Badges

Prefect School Badges

Check out our online store for all our School Badges >In schools across the UK, many older students are elected to be prefects. What is a prefect? As a prefect, the student is given a number of responsibilities to maintain the image of the ideal student and support their fellow peers. A prefect is given a shield shaped enamel badge, prefect badge is a symbol of authority to other students and a sign of a respectable and hard working student. Being a prefect is great for a students personal statement as it shows responsibility and that the student is able to take on the challenge of a role of authority.

A school prefect will often stay inside the school during breaks, meaning they step into the role of authority that teaches will have when teachers are not present in areas of the school. The prefect badge itself is shaped like a shield, a representation of the authority that a prefect holds during their time in school. Purchase badges for school prefects and organisations from to get low cost, high quality badges that are very affordable. There are plenty of options to choose from and many different designs, find a perfect selection of badges with high quality enamel badges, in a range of different colours.Prefects are there to be mentors to younger students, to look out for vulnerable students or students victim to bullying, and to support the moral of students outside of the classroom. If a    prefect sees students misbehaving outside of the classroom, it is their duty to step in and be the role model student. For school staff or representatives wondering where they can purchase prefect badges, Prefect School Badges is the best school prefect badges UK supplier. Purchase high quality, handmade badges at reasonable price ranges for your school students.

Prefect School Badges offers traditional shapes and sizes of badges, for example a shield is a classic design for a prefect badge, however some schools may use a bar shaped badge instead. Each badge is customisable, from shape, colour, and the text on the badge is changeable. This offers schools a great option for different types of badges, for example if the school runs a student council badges can be made at a low cost to help identify members of the school council. More options are available through Prefect School Badges, such as team sports captains, choir, and even badges that promote recycling. Since the badge has a strong prefect meaning, it is important for the prefects in the school to be easily identifiable to both staff and students.

Place your order for prefect badges UK to get your customisable badges. Select from many different price ranges, badge colours, shapes, and text on the badges. Find the perfect badges to suit your schools needs, whether it be for school prefects or a school council, these badges will meet your needs with high standards. Badges are a great accessories for students and can help improve moral in school by giving a role to a student to fulfil.See our store for all the latest products >

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