Name Badges for Sale

Name Badges for Sale

In school, name badges are used to identify pupils by form group or by name. They are even used to reward students for good behaviour or even a way to promote a student to a role of higher responsibility. It’s often wondered where enamel coated metal badges can be purchased from, as these are seen in schools. Not to fear, Prefect School Badges is a seller that specialises in these types of badges. Prefect School Badges are a well trusted name badge printer that specialises in making their products affordable and high quality.

Schools are popularly known for running school councils, you can easily find school name badge for sale from Prefect School Badges. These badges are customisable so they can have custom text written onto them, this can be of a pupils names or the name of a school council, or even a role of authority. These badges are well produced, coated in high quality enamel and set on a metal base. Traditionally, Shield shaped badge or bar shaped badges have been popularly used in schools, you may have seen them used before as prefect badges as they are often shield shaped.

Purchasing personalised name badges has never been easier with Prefect School Badges. Browse name badges for sale from the premade selection, Prefect School Badges offer many fantastic options for high quality name badges available in a wide variety of colours. The colours of the badges look fantastic and professional, perfect addition to a smart-looking school uniform. Other additions from School Prefect Badges are magnetic name badges, these types of badges do not use pins so they are safer than the traditional pin badge.

Personalised badges are what people want, and Prefect School Badges has done exactly that. Their service is efficient and professional, you can choose to purchase in bulk to suit your own budget so you don’t need to worry about overspending. If you have any concerns regarding your budget, Prefect School Badges is always happy to accommodate to your budget and work alongside it.

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