Magnetic Name Badges

Magnetic Name Badges

Prefect School Badges is a renowned seller of badges for schools across the country. We sell Magnetic Name Badges which are safer to use than traditional pin badges; held together by a small magnetic piece on the back of the badge and a second piece that goes behind the clothing enabling a safer environment for children in schools. We supply magnetic name badges UK buyers can rely on. They are also more durable than traditional pin badges, as pins are brittle and can be damaged easily. These magnetic name badges are guaranteed to be strong and secure when worn and will not leave holes or damages in clothing.

Other styles of badges are also available to purchase, such as domed magnetic name badges, which have a unique texture and appearance when compared to standard badges. All name badges sold by Prefect School Badges are reusable magnetic name badges UK buyers rely on. Having reusable name badges is better for the environment, they can be passed onto another individual, or even stored for future use. Making name badges reusable is a great idea for schools to promote sustainability and environmental causes.

At Prefect School Badges we take pride in being one of the most reliable sellers of magnetic name badges online and can accommodate large bulk purchases and even accommodate purchases that may be limited to a budget. If you are purchasing on a budget, Prefect School Badges sells cheap magnetic name badges, while still maintaining a high-quality production. Please don’t feel afraid to ask any questions regarding your purchase, Prefect School Badges are always willing to help out and answer any queries you may have.

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