Eco Badges

In schools, it’s important for teachers and pupils to understand that we need to care for the environment. Schools are currently taking the appropriate measures to ensure that pupils are aware of the impact and importance of the environment. Pupils and teachers can found eco councils, where they could discuss ideas on how to care

Magnetic Name Badges

Prefect School Badges is a renowned seller of badges for schools across the country. We sell Magnetic Name Badges which are safer to use than traditional pin badges; held together by a small magnetic piece on the back of the badge and a second piece that goes behind the clothing enabling a safer environment for

Name Badges for Sale

In school, name badges are used to identify pupils by form group or by name. They are even used to reward students for good behaviour or even a way to promote a student to a role of higher responsibility. It’s often wondered where enamel coated metal badges can be purchased from, as these are seen

Personalised School Badges

Personalised School Badges Frequently used in schools, badges can be used as an accessory or as a way to identify different students. You may find that school badges come in a manner of different shapes and sizes, more traditional designers include a curved rectangle shape, a shield, and a circle. These badges can be used

House Captain Badges

Schools across the UK have houses set up to split an entire year into segments, and to bring a group moral spirit into the school. Each pupil becomes the representative of a house and specific students can be given the honours of becoming a house captain. The house captain is in charge of the house,

School Badge Online Store

All of us love badges, we have badges everywhere, be it the military, the business world everywhere we see badges act as a symbol, they are used to let our peers know what we’ve achieved. If you’re looking for a online school badge store, Prefect school badges are the one stop online shop that will

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School prefect badges uk customers know that finding the best place to purchase high quality school badges for a fair price is difficult. That’s why we specialise in providing the best quality school badges for the best possible price. Badges are important, to you as much as it is for your students. Everything from the design

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Prefect School Badges

Check out our online store for all our School Badges > In schools across the UK, many older students are elected to be prefects. What is a prefect? As a prefect, the student is given a number of responsibilities to maintain the image of the ideal student and support their fellow peers. A prefect is