School Council Badges

Being elected for the school council and receiving their badge is an honour for every student. Wearing a school council badge encourages them to do what they do the best. The school council badges help in promoting the desire of ownership which will surely influence your pupil to work hard and achieve their ultimate potential. When students are awarded with school council badges, they feel a responsibility to do right by fellow classmates. It will also evoke the great memories they had in their school life. The school council badges can be designed in various shapes such as classic logo, round, rectangle, square and shield.

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Personalised school council badges

You can customise your school council badge in the way you want. You can choose from the various colour options along with the vast finish options. If you want premium quality of school council badges, you can have that too with a silver or gold plate finish. We  also  offer an extra frontal protective dome for those badges you want to stand out.

If you are in need of personalised school council badges, we at Prefect School Badges are here for you. We provide our customers the best quality badges that will stand the test of time. Our finish and colour options allow you to personalise your badge to both your pupil and school. Shop online today!