Custom made badges

Custom badges have limitless possibilities, and there are many different functions for a badge. If you are organising a team in a workplace or want to identify particular individuals, a custom name badge is perfect for this. With, you can custom make your badges to suit your needs or desired designs, there are many different options to choose from, including many discount options and quantity of badges you can order. If you wish to make a small order of personalised badges uk then you can choose lower amounts of badges, so there are many different options for you to choose from. Personalised badges bulk are available to order in quantities up to 25 and more for excellent prices ranging from £1.80 per badge in larger quantities. We fully understand that you may be purchasing badges on a budget, so we work out our costs to be effective at meeting your budget.

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Offering high-quality enamel-coated badges in a variety of colour options, there are many offers on these badges, By ordering large quantities of badges, you can receive discounts by quantity, full custom lettering, fantastic value, and shield shapes and bar shapes are available.  These are classic and traditional badge elements, they are bold and will stand out against the crowd, these badges reach a level of quality which is like no other. Our talented and experienced team produce these badges with attention and care, with affordable costs we understand you may need to use a budget to purchase your badges. These badges are multi-functional and since they are very customisable they can be used to identify and assign a wide number of roles, duties, and ambassadors. For example, you can purchase ‘Anti-bullying’ or ‘Team leader’ just, for example, however, there are so many more words that can be used on these incredible badges. Our badges are very suitable for name badges, so you can identify individuals easier at events or the workplace for examples, however, there are many different uses.

These are great badges that are bespoke and very high quality, these badges are fully custom and are built to last. Cast in metal and coated in strong glossy enamel that looks fantastic, your custom made badges will leave lasting impressions on those who will use them. Custom made badges from Prefect School Badges are a great way to obtain these badges. Most people may find themselves confused about how to make a custom badge, but it has never been easier thanks to Prefect School Badges who have made it really easy to select what options you want for your badges.

Our badges come in fantastic and popular colours such as blue, green, red, yellow, orange, and burgundy, plus many more. If custom badges aren’t to your taste, you can purchase incredible pre-designed badges with text already placed onto the badges, we still over fantastic offers and discounted costs. Please get in touch today and let us know your requests for a custom badge, we will be happy to take your order and deliver on our promise of the highest quality.