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When working in a school, there are often different societies such as school councils or an after school group that specialises in revising a subject. Members of groups like these may wear a shield and bar shaped badges, as they are very traditional and have been used in schools for many years. Titles and phrases that come on these types of enamel school badges include ‘House Captain’, ‘School Council’ and ‘buddy’. There are plenty more options available and if you're looking for something specific, why not take a look at our personalised school badge builder!

Enamel school badges are a benefit to schools in many different ways, they help to promote moral and motivate students, as well as teaching students about different roles and responsibilities within life. With our many years producing and selling enamel badges for schools, we strive to impress with what we create, offering a large selection of high quality enamel school badges for sale! Browse our selection below!

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If you are considering buying personalised enamel school badges, you have many options to choose from. There are plenty of different designs and having the option of customisation allows for even more choices providing multiple uses. We offer a variety of colours and finishes to choose from. The enamel used on these badges is high quality and won’t easily damage due to their high quality metals and non sharp pin badges to ensure they are perfectly safe to wear.

Prefect School Badges are a lead seller of enamel badges UK, all badges sold are rigorously checked before being dispatched to ensure that everything is up to standard. We want our products to impress, and you, the customer, to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Badges from Prefect School Badges are well produced and extremely durable, coated in high quality enamel, these badges look incredible. Prefect School Badges Enamel badges for school are a great choice for any school, each badge is reasonably priced and pricing options are available for larger orders if this is what you need. If you have any questions regarding our services and our enamel badges, please feel free to get in contact as we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.